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"Dina was great to work with, she will do an outstanding job guiding you through Italy"

- George P.


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Dina Moore

Travel Agent Extraordinaire

I was born and bred in Boston to a gentle Irish Dad and a spicy Italian Mom. Since I could crawl mom would take us to Italy for the summer, it was harsh having to spend my summers swimming in the Mediterranean and eating gelato. My teen years were filled with mischievous adventures of pool hopping and detention for being the class clown. In 1995/96 I was living in Boston following a rock and roll band when my aunt asked me to go to Italy with her. I packed my bags and off we went. Eventually, my aunt went back to Boston, but I stayed in Italy with a wonderful family and met a young crowd from a small town outside of Milan that became my soul mates. They introduced me to all the quirky wonders of Italy; Grappa fueled ski adventures in Bolzano, climbing the crooked towers of Bologna, food and wine festivals that transported you back to the 1200’s, and riding Ducati’s on the coast of Sardegna (generally with my eyes closed out of pure fear). I returned to University in Boston, then finished my degree in Italian Language and Culture at the University of Siena. And like the big bang my world changed. I had found my passion to be Travel. My award for most talkative in high school became my future as a tour guide, my pool hopping days became hunting down the best beaches, and my days throwing parties turned into event planning. Think of me as your human GPS, guiding you through New England and Europe stopping for the best cider donuts, a pit stop for a swim in an unknown cove. Discovering cultural imperfections and quirks of the world and endearing and unique holiday escapes. Be sure to watch my Instagram blogs & vlogs to hear more!

Gerry Moore

Tech Wizard

I've been in love with Italy since the first time I went with my Nonna when I was 2 1/2. She took me all over Italy, and I worked the TV screens on the planes for her. It seemed like a pretty good exchange to me. Since then I've gone 11 times. The culture, the people, the FOOD! I just can't get enough. Now I work behind the scenes here at Moore Places To Go to keep us running sharp and to give you the best experience I can.
Check out the gallery for more of my adventures through beautiful Italy.




I’m an adorable Bull Mastiff, new to the team, my job is to keep the office on track. When I see our staff feeling a bit of stress, I try to bring a bit of humor. They think it's funny when I throw my toys around and give them paw. When I see the team getting tired or losing focus my flatulence brings them right back to attention. It's not an easy role but the pay in meatballs makes it all worth it.


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