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Italy Guided Small Group Travel 2024

Yes! I'm personally guiding you through La Mia Italia.

Hold on to your cannoli, this is going to be fun!

Moore Places To Go is known for booking unforgettable experiences for clients to Italy, now we will take you there ourselves. Group Size are 8 people min to 12 people max. This keeps the adventure personal and authentic. You are not one a sheep out for a morning walk. We will take you to the big cities and our favorite small tucked away towns; where Nonna is outside the Trattoria peeling the peapods by hand into her apron for tonight's minestrone. We will be there to guide you but also translate all the Italian banter. (Return therapy is not included.) We will stay in some fancy period style hotels that match the city ambiance and history to small tucked away farmstays where you are greeted with the smiling face of a goat and jingle of his bell. Will swim, eat, shop and sip with the locals. Group ambassadors who book a group receive upgrades. Email now for more info.
And yes, we can also customize a group experience!

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